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Sea taxi in Ibiza

We want you to know there are not only taxis by road; we can offer you the same service by the water. For example, if you need to get to any part of the island quickly and by the sea, If you arrive to the island of Ibiza at the time in which there are no boats line who can go directly to Formentera or you need to meet your friends in an inaccessible cove.

If you are looking for any of these services, we can offer you our sea taxi service, without schedules, operating 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week.

Our taxi can take you to inaccessible areas by road, carry equipment to any boat you are on board and anchored in any place, or move discreetly to the neighboring island when you need it. This service is available without having to hire a yacht that lasts at least half a day or with a set schedule.

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