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Tuna fishing in Ibiza

If you are fishing passionate, we recommend you to take a tuna fishing tour. The cruise starts in the Marina of Santa Eulalia, on a boat fully equipped for this activity and manned by an experienced fisherman and sailor that will lead customers to the fisheries. Once there, they will be trained in order to enjoy the day. The mode of fishing is called "Currican" and although the captain is a very experienced fisherman, catches are not guaranteed.

The schedule is flexible, up to the client, but usual and recommended by the captain is to start at 06:00h and come back 12 hours later, nearly 18:00 h.

The price includes the food and drink, served on board the ship by the captain. If customers have any preference for any particular product they must apply before the shipment. The maximum number of people is 5 for this type of fishing. Normally the day before the shipment, the captain will organize a short meeting with customers to confirm the tour, know each other and the customers communicate their preferences for the following day as everything is okay the day of the fishing.

It is a unique experience and if you are lucky and the weather is good, it becomes the best memory of your holiday.





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