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Jet ski in Ibiza

moto de agua a30nVisit the coves of Ibiza with a Jet Ski can be an extraordinary experience. If you want to rent one, you need to have the appropriate license. Few years ago, you could drive just with your driving license. Today, and after several accidents, it is necessary to demonstrate few skills in order to drive it. The official license even if it is necessary in a vessel of less than 4m. We are going to explain what you need to be able to rent a water scooter.

For those with a power up to 55hp, you need the motor license, issued in the respective federation and attesting that you possess the carnet of Jet Ski C, valid only during the day and in the designated areas.

If the power is between 55hp and 110hp, you need the license of jet B, and if the power is more than 110CV you need the carnet of jet A.

There are other foreign licenses available for drive of our water scooter. So if you have an official title to rent a Jet Ski in Ibiza for half or full day, don´t hesitate to contact us!





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