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Wake & Donut

If your boat charter is not enough, you can always add some water toys to make your day a little more fun. For adults and children, individually and also in group, these are some of the offers that we suggest to complete a great holiday.

Both, Wakeboarding as the “Donut”, are tied by a rope to the boat, and is the only common thing between them. We explain the differences: you need a wake table and a bit of physical condition to practice it, because if you don´t have, it will be difficult for you to stand up on it. In addition you need high speed to go well…In the case of the donut, you can choose low speed and fun is already guaranteed, especially for the little ones. . . If you are at high speed with the donut, get ready to swallow a little bit of salt water. You can use alone or with more persons in the same time. It is a good toy and is affordable, up to everybody.

*In A30nudos you can rent water toys only in case you sail with skipper.





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