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Yacht Charter in Ibiza

At A30nudos we have been dedicated to yacht charter in Ibiza for more than 10 years. We have the best fleet of yachts for charter on the island and at the best prices.

You can consult us without obligation. All you have to do is chat with us by clicking on the Whatsapp button, call us by phone or fill in the form so that we can inform you of our latest offers and availability.

Wide range of yachts for charter in Ibiza

FROM 700€/DAY*.

Yacht Charter in Ibiza

Cranchi Endurance 39


Yacht Charter in Ibiza

Princess V53

Yacht Charter in Ibiza

Sunseeker Predator 72

Yacht Charter in Ibiza

Sunseeker Predator 74

Yacht Charter in Ibiza

Sunseeker Predator 82

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FROM 820€/DAY*.

Yacht Charter in Ibiza

Yacht Ilver Mirable 41


Why charter our yachts in Ibiza?

If what you want is to enjoy an authentic experience of sailing a yacht along the coast of Ibiza, you are in luck because all our yachts have lengths of over 12 metres, which makes sailing on board feel much easier, more comfortable and with much smoother and more comfortable movements.

In addition, these dimensions allow us to equip you with the best comforts (television, air conditioning, shower, kitchen...) You can even hire someone to cook for you! All you have to do is ask us your preferences and we will manage it and advise you on all the rental options you have, adapting to your budget.

Overnight yachts

And in case you were wondering, we also offer charter yachts with overnight stay. You can spend your entire holiday in Ibiza's waters aboard one of our yachts, as you can come directly from the airport, without having to look for availability in hotels and accommodation. In the blink of an eye you will be enjoying sailing in the most idyllic places of Ibiza, from a different point of view and with all the comforts you want.

Remember that it is very important to choose the right model if you are going to charter a yacht with overnight stayBut don't worry, we will inform you about everything because we have the best moorings on the island, only available to a privileged few. And if you prefer, we can arrange a change of mooring.

Prices of our yachts

If there is one thing that stands out for our customers, apart from the good treatment offered, it is the charter prices of our yachts, which are undoubtedly the tightest of the rental offer in Ibiza. Despite having such competitive rentals, we do not neglect the quality of service, as we have our own fleet and staff who will take care both to maintain the perfect condition and cleanliness of them, as well as to offer you the best sailing experience. If you contact us, you will have the certainty of having made the right choice, as you will be permanently attended and satisfied with our service.

But... What is included in the rental price? The price indicated on each of our yachts includes the charter, skipper's services, daily cleaning, mooring in base port, a variety of complimentary drinks, towels and the best service.

Due to the variability of each day's route, the amount of fuel is never included. with open routesThe amount to be paid at the end of the yacht charter is calculated on the basis of the number of hours of motorised sailing. we will always inform you of the approximate amount, as each yacht consumes a different amount of fuel.

However, if you prefer, it is possible to rent one with a closed route and with the price of fuel paid. In order to do this, the route to be taken with the yacht must be determined prior to departure. That way we can include everything in the price to be paid and forget about everything.

Patterned or unpatterned?

The yacht charter in Ibiza without a skipper, for safety reasons, it is not possible to. Without crew we cannot give you the quality and safety service that should be offered to our clients, as each particular yacht requires a controlled sailing technique. This has never been an impediment for our clients, as the spaciousness of these yachts gives you the privacy you need and you will not have to worry about the condition of the boat.

As they say on board, "where the master is the master the sailor is not", but everyone knows that "the customer is the boss". or as the Ibicencans say "qui paga, mana" ("he who pays, rules"). All you have to do is tell the captain your preferences, the plan for the day and what you fancy doing and the captain will take you to the best places to meet and exceed your expectations.

Luxury superyacht charter in Ibiza

We are also dedicated to the luxury yacht charter in Ibiza or super yachts. They are usually selected based on the needs of each client, such as the number of cabins required or the number of guests. It may be an event that requires a mega yacht with large lounges or a large number of service personnel. They are also often selected for their amenities, such as separate toilets for each suite, for example. All of them have air-conditioning in their rooms and a crew that is very attentive to your needs. Our experience allows us to anticipate the demands of our clients and satisfy them from start to finish.

There are many selectable add-ons and some of them already include various toys for entertainment: towables such as a jet ski, wakeboard, donut for the kids or even a seabob in some cases. If any of these add-ons are not available by default on the luxury yacht, they can be hired separately.

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