How to get to Atlantis in Ibiza: the secret cove

How to get to Atlantis in Ibiza: the secret cove ⊛ A30Nudos

Ibiza is characterised not only for being a place of great scenic beauty, but also for having a multitude of small nooks and crannies. corners full of magic and charm that will completely steal our hearts. 

Among these little hideaways, hidden and unknown to most visitors, you will find Sa Pedrera in Cala d'Hortalso known as Atlantis, a small cove with a very nice view of the sea. unique rock formations bathed by the warm, crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea, thus giving rise to a breathtaking dreamlike paradise which is incapable of leaving anyone who visits it indifferent.

So, if you want to find out more about this amazing place, as well as to find out how to get to Atlantis in Ibizawe recommend that you continue reading this post.

 Discover the history of Cala Atlantis in Ibiza

Located in the Cala d'Hort Nature ReserveThe Atlantis cove is an enclave located in one of the areas of greatest scenic wealth and environmental value of Ibiza, which is why it is located within an area of great natural beauty. very privileged natural environment.

In addition, a curious fact about this place is that Atlantis was once a old quarry which was used during the 16th century to quarry sandstone. Thus, some of the most impressive monuments of this area such as the Renaissance walls of Eivissa and Ibiza Castle were built with stones extracted from this quarry.

The development of this activity meant that this cove began to present very unique rock formations made up of flat stones that, together with the natural pools that can be found in this area, give rise to one of the most magical places in Ibiza

However, it was not until the 1960s when Sa Pedrera in Cala d'Hort It was at this time that some hippies began to visit and even live in a cave in this place, renaming it by the name by which it is more commonly known by all: Atlantis.

In addition, supporters of the hippie culture They decided to settle in this place because they claimed that it conveyed a certain aura of mysticism, making it the perfect place of refuge and meeting. For this reason, during their stay they made drawings and stone carvings Buddhism and spirituality that are still preserved on the walls of this cove.

In this way, both man's hand and nature itself have contributed to the fact that Atlantis has become a real paradise in which we can find natural pools bathed by emerald waters that make this place even more magical if possible.

How to get to the Atlantis cove in Ibiza

After knowing a little of its history and all that this wonderful natural environment has to offer, you will surely want to know how to get to the Atlantis coveIt is not usually included in tourist brochures or guides in order to avoid overcrowding in this protected area.

However, without wishing to discourage you, we are obliged to inform you that few people dare to go to this impressive natural spot, since it is a place of difficult access It is mainly attended by young people or people who are used to practising sport regularly, as the path we have to follow to reach the cove is made up of quite hard stretches with roots, gravel and large dunes. 

However, if these impediments are not able to stop you and you still want to get to the Atlantis cove, take the car at Sant Josep de Sa Talaia and take the road linking this municipality with Es Cubells. However, approximately one kilometre before arriving at Es Cubells you must take a detour on the right and continue until you come to a long slope after a bend, where you will find a dirt road and park your car.

We must then follow this dirt road on foot until we come to the tower. Es Savinar Tower. Once we have reached this point, we border the tower on the left until we find ourselves on the edge of the cliff and then go down a narrow path until we reach our destination.

To avoid surprises, we recommend that you avoid wearing flip-flops and use footwear with a sole that has good grip and adherence to the ground. In addition, we remind you that there are no sandy spaces where you can stick a parasol, so we advise you to bring both water and sun cream to protect you from the sun and combat the heat.

From a30knots We hope you liked this article and that it has been useful to learn a little more about the impressive Atlantis Cove.

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