How to get from Ibiza to Menorca

go from ibiza to menorca

The Balearic Islands is one of the favourite destinations for both national and international tourists, as it is an archipelago with not only spectacular Mediterranean forests but also dream beaches and coves, making it a place of great scenic beauty.

For these reasons, many of the people who come to Ibiza for their holidays also wish to visit some neighbouring islands such as Menorca or Majorca in order to discover all the charms hidden in this magical archipelago. 

Thus, Menorca is becoming one of the most visited islands by tourists who stay in Mallorca or Ibiza, as it is a much simpler and less crowded place than its neighbouring islands, where we can enjoy unspoilt coves of fine sand hidden among rocky cliffs. For this reason, Menorca has become a real paradise for all those tourists who wish to visit the island. escape the hustle and bustle for a while and go to a quiet place where they can relax and enjoy nature.

So, if you are planning your holidays in Ibiza and you want to include a short trip to Menorca in your itinerary, from A30nudos we offer you all the information you need to know how to get from Ibiza to Menorca.

Boat or ferry?

If you are looking for a ferry to go from Ibiza to Menorca but you can't find anything it's completely normal, since there is no ferry that operates this route. Therefore, the only means of maritime transport available to you to make this journey is by boat. However, you should be aware that this is not a direct route, as the boats that make this journey always stop in Mallorca.

Another alternative available to you is go by planeIn high season there are direct flights from Menorca to Ibiza almost every day.

How long is the journey from Ibiza to Menorca?

If you decide to take this route by boat, we must warn you that, as it is a route in which you will be scales are carried outIf you travel by plane or private boat, it will take you much longer to reach your destination than if you travel by plane or private boat.

Thus, the duration of this journey can range from between 5 and 6 hours depending on the company you choose to work with. However, this time may be slightly reduced if you you rent a boatThe captain will know the best route to make this journey as quickly as possible.

How far is Ibiza from Menorca?

The approximate distance between the islands of Ibiza and Menorca is approximately 312 kilometres. However, to get from one of these islands to the other by boat, we must remember that a stopover must be made in Mallorca.

 Therefore, it is important to note that this distance will be a little longer when doing the Ibiza - Mallorca - Menorca route, as we will not be taking the more direct route to reach our destination, but it is the only one available to us for this boat trip.

Which is the fastest ferry from Ibiza to Menorca?

As we have indicated above, there is no ferry that runs directly from Ibiza to Menorca. However, the Balearia company has the Super Fast Ferry Cecilia Paynewhich is capable of making the journey from Mallorca to Menorca in just an hour and a half.

So, if you can catch a plane from Ibiza that takes you to Mallorca and then take this ferry to Menorca you can make this journey in just 2.5 hours. However, it is very difficult to schedule a timetable to make this journey without waiting time caused by the transfer.

We hope that this article has been useful for you to learn about the different ways in which we have to travel from Ibiza to Menorca. If you are planning your trip to Ibiza, we recommend that you take a look at the blog of A30knots, as there we have different posts that can help you to organise your holidays to the White Isle.

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