Sea taxi in Ibiza

Sea taxis in Ibiza

We want you to know that there are not only road taxis, but that at sea we can offer you the same service... For example, do you need to get somewhere on the island quickly and by sea? Do you arrive on the island of Ibiza at a certain time when there are no regular boats that can take you to Formentera? Or do you need to meet up with your friends in a ship at anchor in a cove inaccessible by land?

If you are looking for one of these services, we can offer you a Sea taxiThe service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without timetables.

Click on the button below and tell us what you need. We'll get you there in no time.

Sea taxi in Ibiza ⊛ A30Nudos

Our taxi can take you to areas inaccessible by roadtaking goods to a ship in which you are on board at anchoror move to the neighbouring island discreetly when you need it.


Sea taxi in Ibiza ⊛ A30Nudos