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Beach les salines ibiza

Kiss on the beach ibiza

The beach is easily accessible by car, open-air transport, taxi or even bicycle. You drive like crazy along the zoutmeren and arrive at the Ses Salinas car park. If you are short of time, you can park for free on a kind of berm. You can also park anything near the beach in a paid car park. If you park for free, it will take you up to ten minutes longer to walk. And those ten minutes may not be enough.
What you have also noticed is that the beach has many "gangen" to reach. Via houten vlonders, which are extremely attractive as well as zanderige ingangen. Je flink traineert met de laatste kuitspieren en gaat een stuk door het natuurgebied. As a result, you will spend more time with Sa Trinxa. You can also reach the beach by walking along the houten paden.
The water is very cold and many boats dock here. However, the beach is very long, with many beach bars clustered together. It is also a great advantage that the beach is suitable for long walks.

Ses Salines beach mallorca

Ses Salines is the best beach in Ibiza, not only because it is located in a natural park protected by a ring of dunes, but also because the purity and transparency of the water is enhanced in this area thanks to the Posidonia Oceanica, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. As it is one of the most beautiful, it attracts many young people and celebrities who spend their holidays on the island.
In general, the beach serves as a stage for cultural events and exhibitions. Late in the evening, the island's various nightclubs often amaze the crowds by announcing their events in a unique way. If you're missing a bikini or sunglasses, you can get them here, or even hire a masseuse.
The beach is located in the heart of the Natural Park of Ses Salines. From a roundabout above the airport road, you can access the road leading to the airport. This is a good suggestion. After crossing the dunes, four kilometres further on, you will come to a roundabout from where you can access the beach car park. This is the time to pay.

Es cavallet

Sun loungers, umbrellas, restaurants, bars, massage, beach boutiques, small shop, lockers, showers, lifeguards, beach security and disabled access are some of the services available (also in the water under the supervision of lifeguards with amphibious wheelchair and walker).
How to get there: From Playa d'en Bossa (6 km) or Ibiza town (10 km), take a hire car, taxi, bicycle or bus (check timetables on (L11 and L118). The main road is full of parked cars during the high season as people try to park for free; however, there is a paid parking area (on the left at the roundabout) with good facilities and covered spaces.
At the southern end of the beach, small catamarans sit on the sand, and as you walk towards the pirate tower, you pass a series of famous bars and restaurants whose gourmet cuisine, attractive clientele and impressive location more than make up for the high prices.
All the bars offer a good variety of dance and Balearic music stretching down to the beach, and often deliver drinks and food orders to the sand. A quieter part of the beach, popular with nudists, lies further along, and beyond the nudist gauntlet, a narrow stretch of sand with a rocky entrance to the water, which is home to the lively Sa Trinxa.


Las Salinas, also known as Ses Salines, is a large beach of fine white sand and crystal-clear waters. It forms part of the Ses Salines Natural Park (of Ibiza and Formentera). Extensive protected dunes and leafy areas of pines and junipers border the region. In some areas we can find the popular Posidonia Oceanica, an aquatic plant of great ecological importance that guarantees the quality of the water.
The water is clear and, although the bottom is dominated by white sand, there are areas with rocky outcrops, especially near the southernmost point of the sand. Here you can enjoy various water activities, rent a bike, play chess on the old chess net or relax in a hammock.
You should know that you are likely to bump into some familiar faces during your stay. There's a reason why it's one of the favourite beaches of celebrities. You'll also be able to watch the queues form for Ibiza's most famous clubs, as well as discover a certain hippie atmosphere and even nudist spots (especially at the end of the beach).

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