Map of ibiza beaches

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Map of ibiza beaches

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If you want to survey the island from home to plan your trip, or if you're in Ibiza and want a convenient and easy way to get around, download the Ibiza Maps. We also have PDF maps for you to download and print for free on your mobile, iPad or computer, or if you prefer to take them with you on paper to annotate, label and place crosses on your favourite beaches and restaurants.
Here you can find a selection of the most interesting maps of Ibiza, including the towns and villages of Ibiza, Santa Eulalia and San Antonio, as well as the beaches and tourist attractions that you should not miss during your visit, as well as the maps of Dalt Vila, which represent the Walled Heritage City.


"Ibiza is a popular destination where the best resorts and traditions coexist, making everyone feel welcome. This vibrant island has it all: thriving nightlife, beautiful beaches and rural beauty.
Ibiza, a small island with a big reputation, has some of the best nightlife in the world and is one of the most impressive of the Balearic Islands. Traditional life still thrives inland, where green hills and open plains turn to golden sand bathed in the warm Mediterranean sun. While the resorts thrive on the coast, traditional life continues to thrive inland.
Due to its climate, Ibiza is primarily a spring, summer and autumn destination, but it doesn't close its doors completely in winter. Although it is still warmer than the UK, the resorts of the Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca are cooler. As a result, many of the larger pubs, restaurants and nightclubs close for the season.
Es Canar is a fairly large resort with a beautiful beach located 25 kilometres northeast of Ibiza Town. The area behind the beach is relatively undeveloped, with tourist buildings located at either end of the beach, especially at the harbour end.

The Ibizan salt flats

Ibiza's beaches are the island's most impressive attraction. There are beaches, but there are also small forgotten coves and craggy inlets where you can experience the wonders of total and absolute solitude. There are beaches with or without beach bars, sun loungers with umbrellas, showers, blue flag beaches, pebble or sandy beaches. We have the advantage of stopping the wind by going to the side of the island where there is less wind, as it is an island built specifically for man. Some beaches can only be reached by ferry. Slowly but surely you will find the special place in paradise that you will call your own. If you want to escape the crowds of other beaches, go at sunset or set your alarm for an early morning swim, and leave when the sun is too intense.
Between Ibiza and Santa Eulalia, there is a small cove called Cala Olivera with a small beach and a flat rocky area for sunbathing: to get there, you have to pass through the Golf de Ibiza and cross the private urbanisation of Roca Llisa, which has a security checkpoint. Next to Cala Llonga is Sol d'en Serra, a wide bay with pebbles and small rocks that is almost untouched. Es Niu Blau, located between Santa Eulalia and Es Canar, is a unique beach with pine trees that provide natural shade for bathers, which is especially useful for those who don't want to look like a tomato. Cala Mastella is a beautiful cove that is easily accessible by car but relatively uncrowded. Pou d'es Lleó also has some lovely areas, such as the rocky area near the old fishermen's huts on either side of the beach.

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The actual dimensions of the map of Ibiza are 1548 x 1213 pixels, with a file size of 323446 bytes. This downloadable and printable map of Ibiza can be accessed by clicking on the map itself or by following this link: To get started, open the map.
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