A romantic getaway on a speedboat in Ibiza and Formentera

In love in Ibiza by speedboat

The Pitiusas are islands with many faces: the festive, the family, the sporting and also the romantic. Thousands of couples come to the beautiful island every year to enjoy the enjoy together its crystal clear waters and dreamlike scenery. In this post we propose some ideas for a romantic boat trip around Ibiza and Fomentera.

Boat for two in Ibiza

A speedboat for rent in Ibiza It usually has a capacity for 8 to 12 people, but the truth is that its dimensions make it the perfect boat to comfortably accommodate two people or a group of friends as a couple. It offers sufficient space and at the same time privacy. Surprising your partner won't cost you a fortune either, as the smaller models of speedboats come at an affordable price and have many amenities.

In addition, depending on the boat rented, the couple can have a bathroom, stereo, radio, bathing ladder, solarium, fresh water shower or complimentary drinks. Everything to make the trip as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

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Romantic plans aboard a speedboat

As well as enjoying the sea, there are some special plans perfect for lovers. For some of them it will be necessary to drop anchor, so here are a few recommendations from places to anchor in Ibiza and special cleats for anchoring in Formentera.

  • Snorkelling in crystal clear waters. For lovers of sport and nature, snorkelling is an activity not to be missed. Discovering the seabed, whether snorkelling or scuba diving, is a unique experience, especially in the crystal-clear waters of the Balearic Islands. Diving in Ibiza stands out for the great visibility offered by its waters due to the posidonia oceanica meadows that grow on the seabed of the Mediterranean.
  • Having breakfast on boardWhat could be nicer than enjoying breakfast or lunch rocked by the waves of the sea? This is another of the most popular plans among couples who rent a boat, whether it is a motorboat, motorboat, motorboat or motorboat. yacht charter or catamaran. And if you want to stretch your legs a bit on dry land, you can also stop off at one of the many coastal restaurants on Ibiza and Formentera.

  • Sunset in Ibiza or Formentera. The Pitiusas are known worldwide for their magical and unforgettable sunsets. A perfect plan to do as a couple and from the privileged point of view of a boat. Here you can find a guide of places to contemplate the sunsets. best sunsets in Ibiza from north to south.

  • Solarium. In a dinghy for two there is plenty of space for lounging and sunbathing on the solarium, a luxury that allows you to relax after a day of diving and sailing.

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