Routes to visit Ibiza by bike

Routes to visit Ibiza by bike

The island of Ibiza is an ideal place to enjoy a good cycling route. The beautiful landscapes the variety of roads and highways and their mild temperature and balanced are elements that make Ibiza an excellent choice for cycling.

Although any time can be a good time to go on a route around Ibiza, the spring This is perhaps the best time of the year, as it is not as hot as in summer. In addition, there are fewer visitors and tourists, which translates into a reduced traffic.

The island has a multitude of options for RENT BIKES adapted to any route, whether road or mountain bike. Discover the beautiful hidden corners of the island on wheels with these two routes that we offer you.

MTB route along the west coast of Ibiza

From average difficultyThis route brings mountain bike lovers closer to the landscapes and municipalities of the western part of the island. It is a circular route of about 33 kilometres with a difference in altitude of just over 600 metres. It lasts about three and a half hours and is ideal for a morning or afternoon of cycling.

The Bassa cove or the Compte creeksand the bay of Sant Antoni, are some of the places we will discover on this route that begins in the Ibizan municipality of Sant Antoni.

The first stage will take us from the seafront promenade of this locality to Port d'es Torrent through an urban and port route that will serve as a prelude to the rest of the route.

responsive] [responsiveTorre d'en Rovira[/responsive]

Once we have arrived at Port d'es Torrent we must go towards Sant AgustíThe change of direction inland will completely transform the landscape. Olive trees and cropsIn addition to buildings typical of the environment, we will begin to see the emergence of new buildings, such as the church that awaits us in Sant Agustí.

From there we will move on towards Sa Serra d'en Sendic to complete the biggest promotion of the route, at Puig des Frare. Once we reach this point, we descend along a path that ends at Cala Tarida.

Back on the coast, we will depart from Cala Tarida towards Rovira Tower parallel to the coastline. This route has views of Llentia cove, Figuera Borda cove, Corral cove and Codolar cove. We will also enjoy the excellent coves of Compte. At the end, Torre d'en Rovira awaits us, an old defensive enclave to protect against pirates.

From there we will continue to Bassa cove surrounded by junipers. With the sea present in the landscape, we will reach Port d'es Torrent again. There, we return to the promenade to conclude this route in Sant Antoni.

Cycling route through the Ses Salines Natural Park

Another beautiful route that the island offers us is the one that shows the surroundings of the Ses Salines Natural Park. It is a route of about 35 kilometres which departs from Dalt Vila, in Ibiza, and runs through spectacular natural landscapes and historic buildings in the area. From moderate difficultyIt can take about seven hours to complete this journey.

responsive] [responsiveSes Salines[/responsive]

Thus, starting from the historical enclave of Dalt Vila we will head towards Figueretes. On this route we will border the coast along the beach d'en Bossa until we reach Ses Salines. Once there, we will advance towards Sant Françesc until we reach the Es Cavallet beach. We will contemplate the junipers and dunes of this landscape up to the tower of Ses Portes.

Once at this point we will be able to enjoy a view that includes the isthmus between Ibiza and Formenterain addition to various islets such as S'Espardell, Illa d'es Porc, Illes Negres or S'Espalmador.

We will advance towards the Carregador de sa Canal to reach the halfway point of the route. The beauty of the salt marshes and the pinkish tones of the water will be the next thing we encounter.

To conclude, we will move on to Sant Francesc de s'EstanyWe will take the road that takes us back to Ibiza.

Activities to enjoy Ibiza by bicycle

In addition to the two routes described in this article, Ibiza offers organised activities for cycling and getting to know the island while practising sport. One of them is the Ibiza Cycle Tour.

This sporting event is usually held in October and over the course of its fourteen previous editions the following have taken part cycling legends as Miguel Induráin and other famous professionals such as Fernando Escartín and Claudio Chiapucci.

Another option for mountain biking enthusiasts is the Tour of Ibiza by mountain bike. In this case, it is usually held in April and this year it reached its seventeenth edition.

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