Anchorages of interest in ibiza and formentera

When you rent us a boat without skippermany of you ask us about how to go to Formentera. That's the time to look at the flags of our charter boats and from the sea. In this way we can find out very quickly where the wind is coming from and we can also get a clear idea of the intensity of the wind. I invite you to have a look at the navigational chart for the boat rentals in Ibiza o Formentera.

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At the top of the letter is the part south of Ibiza and at the bottom appears Formentera. Between the two islands, to the north of Formentera, there is another island known as Espalmador And although it seems at first glance that Formentera and Espalmador are joined, this is not the case, although there is not enough depth to sail across.

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In fact, that place where they approach each other is called the Es Trucadors o Es PasIt is one of the most beautiful of them all, and a place not to be missed! There are people who walk across from Formentera but it is not at all advisable due to the currents they cross.

The area of sea between the south of Ibiza and the north of Espalmador is known as the Es Freus and that is the place to go from the east to the west side of the coast of Formentera.

When we have seen the flag of the boats waving and we know if the wind is East or West, it is time to decide whether to cross the Freus to the West of Formentera and Ibiza or stay on the East side of Formentera. We must choose the part of the island that is calmer, so that the sea is calm and when we anchor the boat does not move. Both sides have lovely spots. It is pas, Illetas, Saona Cove in the western part and Llevant, Es Pujols y Es Caló are the most noteworthy.

In summer the prevailing wind is from the east, so most days the calmest place is the western part of Formentera. Please consult us before setting off. We will give you a navigation chart and we will indicate you the most convenient route.

If you choose a rental with skipperrelax and enjoy yourselves. A wonderful day of sun and sea awaits you.

Beautiful places in Ibiza and Formentera

Some of the things that can happen to you if you charter a boat in Ibiza

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