Sunset Ibiza

sunset ibiza

You know that moment when the sun is almost touching sea level? If you close your eyes and imagine it for a few seconds... you will be filled with peace. It is one of those unique memories that you take with you back to your routine and from time to time you will escape there.

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Perhaps in A30knots we are very romantic, who knows... but what we do like is that those of you who come to spend a few days on holiday on the island take away with you great memories of the wonders that nature gives us every day.

sunset ibiza

For us these details are what bring us back to life, you realise that the simplest things are the ones that fill our hearts the most. And why not say it? It's something free in Ibiza, something that is not very abundant to be honest, and we are thankful for it. So if you don't know where to go to see the sunset in Ibiza, we recommend you a way to do it within the reach of a few, can you imagine rent a yacht in Ibiza and watch the sunset with your friends from the sea? We recommend you to read on and discover the places we suggest, which you have to visit at least once in your life.

Es Vedra

ibiza coves

For some it may be a couple of crags, but for most it is a magical and enigmatic place where an indescribable energy can be felt, and the reality is that it is the Es Vedra Natural Park and is a protected area for the fauna and flora it contains. The main rock has a perimeter of 3.8 kilometres and a height of 382 metres. Es Vedrathen the youngest (the daughter) is Es Vedranell and finally (the granddaughter) Els Illots de Ponent. Many of our customers rent a catamaran to see the magic of these sunsets... the photos you show us are incredible!

Sunset Ibiza ⊛ A30Knots

Es Vedra is one of the most magnetic places on the island, many visitors fall in love with this place, perhaps because it has some of the most beautiful sunsets and because of the tranquillity it exudes, being far from any urban centre. It is one of the few places where silence reigns and you can enjoy its majesty.

 Sunset Ibiza ⊛ A30Knots

Many are the legends that have been told and will continue to be told about this place, UFO sightings, the second Bermuda triangle... In fact, we are not going to expand too much on the subject but you can find hundreds of stories that describe the place as an extraterrestrial epicentre. The only truth so far acknowledged is that you can enjoy a unique landscape, which will bring you serenity, calm and tranquillity.

ibiza coves

You can watch the sunset from the same place. Cala D'Hortor from the viewpoints that you will find before arriving, or even for the bravest, you can go up to The Pirate's Tower.

Come and visit the place and take home a nice souvenir, but if you get abducted by a UFO... don't say we didn't warn you 😉.

Punta galera in Ibiza at sunset

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Located 4km from San Antonioin the direction of Cala Salada, You will see that it is not very well signposted, so you will have to pay attention. Once there, you'll see a very different landscape as it's not a beach or cove per se, it's made of smooth rock and has no sand. There are no beach bars or toilets, and the coverage is practically non-existent, which is great, especially if you're looking for a place to disconnect from the world and connect with yourself. At Punta Galera silence reigns supreme and we recommend it especially for customers who rent one of our boats and you only hear the sea and nature, you are even likely to see a group practising yoga or nudism.

ibiza coves

If you're getting the urge to go, you should know that it's not very easy to get have to walk through rocky terrain to get there, and if you want some advice, it's best not to wear flip-flops, although we've all gone with them... Bear in mind that there is no parking, so if you're one of those who goes to the beach with a heavy load, from where you leave the car until you get there you might not feel like going...and the place doesn't deserve that you think that's what you're thinking about it.

ibiza coves

The best way to take a dip is to jump in, as it is deep enough to do so, and there are many different heights for all tastes to jump in, but always with caution. It is the ideal place to take your cat's feet with you, playing sports in Ibiza as the snorkel and get lost in the hundreds of hiding places it has, they are really beautiful.

It is not a suitable place for small children as they need a lot of activity, and they do not have much to do there, there are many rocks, the slopes are very varied and the access to the sea... Where we do recommend that you go with them is for example to Benirrás (see below).

sunset ibiza

It is a unique and different place on the island, and as you may have deduced, it tends to be an uncrowded place. Whether you decide to go there for the day, or to watch the sunset from Punta Galera we can assure you that you will be in front of one of the best sunsets in Ibiza.

Conta Cove

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Located in the east of the island, you will find it very easy to find, and you have parking, as well as buses that can take you there without any problem. Also known for the sunsets in Cala Comte, the Plagtes de Comte (count's beaches), is considered one of the most important Best Beaches in the World. That is why every year thousands of holidaymakers decide to visit it, to spend the day or to watch the sunset. Its crystalline waters and fine sand make you envy no other beach in the Caribbean, and you will also be able to see many fish and marine animals. ....

ibiza coves

It is true that if you come in the months of June to September, it is one of the most crowded beaches of the whole island, we could say that it is in the first places, but it is not surprising because the beauty of its clear and crystalline waters, make you do not want to leave them all day. If you decide to go for the day, we recommend that you go early, or it will be quite difficult to find a place to lay a towel... so if you go in a group, it will be even more difficult. You also have the option of visiting the boat inlet o chartering a sailboat as, as you will see, it is also a favourite for yachtsmen.

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There you have two restaurants, one of them right on the beach, the restaurant Sunset Ashramwhere you can try one of the best Sushis from IbizaYou will also enjoy the good atmosphere, very friendly staff, good music, souvenir shop... you will not miss anything. And on the other hand you also have the restaurant of  SIIla del BoscIt is at the back of Cala Conta, where the atmosphere is quieter, and with spectacular views, where we recommend its seafood, or the Bullit de Peix so typical of Ibiza.

coves in ibiza

Go to Conta Cove is a must, if you come to Ibiza and you don't know this place...don't think about it and go and visit it. Tell us about it...


Finally, our fourth recommendation, and no less spectacular than the previous ones, we recommend that you visit the Benirrás cove. Situated in the north of the island, in the direction of San MiguelYou will find one of the most hippie beaches in Ibiza and also one of the most beautiful sunsets that the Pitiusas Islands have to offer.

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Every day in summer the batucada takes place (Sundays are the main day) where hippies, locals, residents and holidaymakers gather with their timbales and drums, among other instruments. Without any kind of script they start to play and as if guided by a single rhythm they make the audience vibrate. The spectacle is worth seeing as some dance, others seem to be in another world, others observe with real astonishment what is happening... we are sure that it will not leave you indifferent.

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Another of the most striking things is the mixture of races, ages and nationalities, you can find old people, children, young people, groups of friends or family... and all with the same objective of accompanying the sun for about 2 hours until it is finally lost in the horizon line. The magic that you experience in this place is truly incredible, difficult to explain, it is one of those moments that is better lived than told.

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If you decide to go during the busiest months on the island we recommend that you go for the day, as if you go at sunset the traffic jams are such that at some point they have to cut the road and you have to walk to the beach, which can be a walk of up to 5km. The first leg is not you can enjoy the scenery, but once it is dark, the area is not very well lit. It is better to go early and take advantage of any of the car parks next to the cove.

Sunset Ibiza ⊛ A30Knots

There are several restaurants where you can eat or have a mojito and hippy stalls where you can buy clothes, jewellery, handmade products...etc. There are very nice things for all budgets.

Don't miss out on seeing the most hippie sunset in the White Island.

We LOVE Ibiza

coves in ibiza

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  1. Juan Ramon says:

    Extraordinarily well written and explained. The photography totally immerses you. Closing your eyes makes you travel to Ibiza. I like it very much, CONGRATULATIONS. A marvel.

    • Muriel says:

      Thank you very much Juan Ramón, we always try with our Post, that you have an entertaining time and that as in this case it transmits you the magic of Ibiza. Comments like yours help us to improve. A big hug from the a30nudos team.

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