Discovering Ibiza's hippie side

Ibiza street market

Ibiza's hippie markets, handicrafts and the drumming of the tamboriladas are some of the vestiges that remain on the beautiful island of this movement of peace and love that emerged in the 1960s. Since then, Ibiza has become one of the favourite places for hippies and artists in search of inspiration. This culture has been inevitably linked to Ibiza's imaginary ever since these hippies settled on the island, coming from the United States and Europe and attracted by the nature and atmosphere of magical places like the Atlantis cove, Benirràs or the islet of Es Vedrà. Recently installed in Ibiza's La Marina, a sculpture of a father and daughter pays tribute to hippie culture and recalls their time on the island. But the truth is that little now remains of this collective that gradually left Ibiza, leaving behind a legacy of philosophy of life and a tourist attraction in its markets and hippy shops.

Hippy markets

Markets, street markets and hippy shops are undoubtedly one of the emblems of Ibiza. You can find one almost every day of the week in different parts of the island, especially in high season.

  • Las Dalias

responsive] [responsiveIbiza street market[Las Dalias, in Sant Carles, with more than 30 years behind it, brings together the hippie heritage in the form of stalls selling exclusive handmade clothes, fabrics, beads, costume jewellery and hippie handicrafts. Las Dalias was born in 1954 as a roadside bar and meeting point for islanders and tourists in the late 1960s. In 1985 the garden was adapted to open a street market with five stalls offering handmade products made by young Europeans and North Americans. Today this hippie market is open every Saturday of the year and in the high season from 10am to 8pm. Its exotic gardens are home to some 200 stalls that attract some 20,000 visitors on a Saturday in August, as the organisation reports on its website. This hippie market atmosphere can also be enjoyed at the Night Market, which is held on Mondays and Tuesdays from June to September and on Sundays in August from 7pm to 1am.

  • Punta Arabí Hippy Market

responsive] [responsive≫ Discovering the hippie face of Ibiza ⊛ A30Nudos[The beginnings of the Punta Arabí Hippy Market date back to 1973 with the sale of handmade products to customers of the Hotel Club Punta Arabí by hippies living on the island. Over the years, as the organisation explains on its website, it now has more than 500 stalls, making it the largest in Ibiza. The Punta Arabí Hippy Market is located in the Es Canar area between the beaches of Cala Martina and Es Canar, near the village of Santa Eulalia del Río. This Ibiza hippie market is open on Wednesdays during the high season from 10.00 to 20.00. Children's activities, live music and gastronomy join the party of colours and senses that takes place every Wednesday in the grounds of this pine forest in Punta Arabí.

  • Ibiza: island of street markets

In addition to Las Dalias and the Hippy Market in Punta Arabí, Ibiza has other markets full of costume jewellery, hippie clothes, second-hand objects and handicrafts. Of particular interest on Thursdays in summer is the craft fair held in the village of San Rafael from 7 pm to 11:30 pm with traditional crafts, ceramics and agricultural products. In addition to this attraction, there is live music on the second Thursday of each month and a country dance on the fourth Thursday of the month. In addition, every Saturday morning, residents and tourists have a date with second-hand objects at the Sant Jordi flea market, located at the racecourse of this village near the capital of Ibiza.

Adlib fashion: tradition and hippie movement

responsive] [responsive≫ Discovering the hippie face of Ibiza ⊛ A30Nudos[Under the slogan "dress as you like, but with style" Adlib fashion was founded, from the Latin "ad libitum", which, with the colour white as its main distinctive feature, represents a type of fashion based on the concept of traditional Ibizan clothing. As the website of the designers' group Adlib Moda Ibiza reports, the 1st Ibiza Fashion Week was born in 1971 with the arrival of the hippie movement, with the aim of highlighting the value of the local handcrafted style. The so-called Yugoslavian "princess" Smilja Mihailovitch played an important role in the international dissemination of this fusion fashion, which to this day continues to be seen on the catwalks of Ibiza and other parts of the world. Inspired by straw hats, esparto grass slippers and traditional shawls, natural fabrics, lace and embroidery are the hallmarks of this type of fusion fashion.

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