The world's most expensive yacht

The world's most expensive yacht ⊛ A30Knots

The world's most expensive yacht


Today we will tell you about the most luxurious yachts in the world. These impressive vessels are designed with state-of-the-art technology and are, of course, extremely luxurious. Among their shareholders are members of royal families, American business tycoons, Russian billionaire entrepreneurs and world-class politicians. The most luxurious yachts are custom-built to the owners' specifications, such as having a helipad or a large swimming pool on the upper deck, or using only the finest materials for interior decoration. In this article, we take a look inside some of these yachts - have fun looking!
A luxury yacht is an unrivalled sign of wealth, a status symbol and a floating extravagance that only the world's wealthiest can afford. They first appeared in the early 20th century, when wealthy individuals began commissioning the construction of large private yachts for their own enjoyment. The Christina O and the Savarona are two of the earliest examples, and the popularity of luxury yachts soared between 1997 and 2008. As a result, what began as relatively simple vessels with minimal accommodation has quickly developed into specimens that integrate features that represent the pinnacle of refinement and luxury, as evidenced by the 10 most luxurious luxury yachts in the world in 2019. In addition to this list, we recommend you check out our lists of the 10 most expensive cars in the world and the 10 most expensive wristwatches in the world.


As you might expect, the world's largest yachts are in a league of their own, so much so that they are referred to as 'superyachts'. While there is no universal concept of what makes a yacht 'super', Worth Avenue Yachts claims that superyachts are typically over 78 feet in length and offer the pinnacle of luxury and glamour, from oversized guest suites to extravagant amenities. The REV, which is currently under construction, is expected to be the world's largest yacht when completed in 2021, but little is known about its features. SuperYachts recently announced its estimates for the world's 100 largest superyachts, and the REV, currently under construction, is expected to be the world's largest yacht when completed in 2021, but little is known about its features. In this list we've included 14 of our favourite yachts that epitomise luxury and opulence at its finest, many of them classified as 'megayachts' (over 200 feet in length). Discover some of the world's most luxurious yachts and the lavish facilities they offer, from helipads to palatial beach clubs.
The yacht formerly known as Topaz was launched in 2012 and measures 483.1 feet in length with a top speed of 19.5 knots. With interiors by the renowned Terrence Disdale, you can be sure that this colossus is as impressive on the inside as she is on the outside. It features a Jacuzzi on deck, a double helipad, a swimming pool, a gymnasium, a cinema room and a stylish conference area. Sheikh Mansour, deputy prime minister of the UAE, is said to be the owner of the A+, which can accommodate 62 passengers and 79 crew members.

The world's most expensive yacht 2021

The 30-metre History Supreme takes the cake among the most opulent yachts we've seen. Stuart Hughes, a British purveyor of high-end electronics, took a break from his job as an iPad alchemist to design this $4.8 billion superyacht, which is completely covered in platinum and gold from bow to stern.
According to Luxury Launches, the History Supreme was purchased by an unknown Malaysian businessman and is the most luxurious yacht ever sold. According to the Daily Mail, the stunning vessel took three years to build and used a whopping 220,462 pounds of precious metals. The entire boat was made of gold and platinum, from the hull to the deck, the dining room, the railings and the anchor.
The exorbitant price tag is also due to the luxurious master bedroom, which is adorned with platinum and features a meteoric stone wall and an authentic T-Rex dinosaur skeleton. Robert Kuok is said to have bought the superyacht, which is worth ten times what Roman Abramovitch (the previous owner of the world's most luxurious yacht) paid for the mega-yacht Eclipse. According to the Forbes billionaires list, Kuok is one of three Malaysians with a net worth of $5 billion or more. According to Business Insider, if the purchase price is correct, "the most likely buyer is Robert Kuok, Malaysia's richest man, with a net worth of $12.5 billion".


Moran Yacht & Ship is asking 229,000,000 euros for Madsummer. Luminousness Burgess and Fraser are asking 225,000,000 euros for the land. The 107.6 metre motor yacht Luminosity was built in steel and aluminium by Italian shipyard Benetti to a design by Reymond Langton and comes with a two-year builder's warranty. She can accommodate up to 27 guests in 12 staterooms, including a master suite on the owner's deck and 11 staterooms below deck, including a four-berth children's/staff cabin.
Imperial Yachts will include a quotation on request. FOR SALE POA YACHTS SUPERYACHTAMADEA Lurssen | 106,1 m | 16 guests | AMADEA Lurssen | 106,1 m | 2017 Kismet, if you can. Moran Yacht & Ship is asking 169,000,000 euros for it. The 95.2-metre motor yacht Kismet was built in steel and aluminium and delivered in 2014 to a design by Espen Oeino. The interior was designed by Reymond Langton and features the finest materials, including rare woods, fabrics and marble. Up to 16 guests can be accommodated in eight luxurious staterooms, including a master suite with private balcony, Jacuzzi and helipad access.

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