What to do in ibiza in October

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What to do in ibiza in October


My husband and I are taking an autumn holiday to the beautiful island of Ibiza from 7-14 October. We have already been twice in mid-August, when everything is available, but we are looking for suggestions of fun places to visit in October. I understand that most of the clubs will have had their last nights by then, but I can't imagine Ibiza being totally closed! We'll be staying in Portinatx (which is quiet, but we like it) and taking taxis around the island as needed - we're not looking for tacky chavvy places to go because we're on the wrong side of the 18-30 age range, but rather for the more upmarket with a more mature clientele! We prefer old school music, but late night bars (preferably with spectacular views) where we can watch the world go by are also on our wish list.
Although this is a well-deserved holiday for us, there is an ulterior motive in that we are considering buying a holiday home in Ibiza with the intention of semi-retiring there in the future. I would love to hear from English residents on the island about what to look out for, avoid and any potential pitfalls to avoid. We are not super rich or well off; we are just looking for a better standard of living than the rat race back home, so super expensive villas are out of the question. Is it better to buy a new or resale property through an estate agent or privately through a private individual? We have read so many horror stories about people being cheated when travelling abroad that we don't want to repeat their mistakes.

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For millennia, Ibiza has held a powerful attraction for the wandering spirits of the world. The Carthaginians were the first to arrive on its shores, and over the years, Moors, Romans and even plundering pirates vied for control of this glorious Mediterranean island.
Such a tumultuous past no doubt contributes to Ibiza's fascinating melting pot of influences, not to mention its status as the birthplace of the common man. It was, and still is, a place for free-thinkers to relax and dream.
As a result, it's been home to everyone over the years, from creatives escaping oppression to hippies seeking unfettered freedom, and though today it's probably best known for its sparkling sunsets and raucous nightlife, the quintessential bohemian spirit still lingers. Few can resist its unmistakable charm, whether on a beach, dance floor or yoga mat.
Let's imagine Ibiza has already done its thing and you've been up since the night before or you're in desperate need of a morning dip. Aguas Blancas, on the northeastern tip of the island, is a great place to start the day either way. One of the first places on the island where the sun peeks over the horizon at sunrise, this long stretch of golden sand is backed by cliffs and is bathed in the iridescent glow of the Mediterranean. It's a sight not to be missed.

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It's October, and Ibiza is still a hive of activity; the weather is still kind to us, with plenty of cool sunny weather. This month you can connect with your soul, enjoy live music and sample beers from around the world. There are also sporting events to help you make up for any (over) indulgence. Check out our top picks for the month.
STK Ibiza, a dazzling restaurant located next to the marina, hosts a farewell dinner and dance. Celebrate the end of summer with delicious drinks and food while being entertained by some of the island's most original acts. In addition to the restaurant's well-known juicy steaks, there's a fantastic raw bar, great vegan options and delicious desserts. In this energetic place, you'll definitely be dancing on the tables.
The Ibiza Spirit Festival is a popular pilgrimage for those seeking a deeper connection with themselves. With sacred dance or chanting circles, various forms of yoga, motivational talks and meditations, therapies, seminars and dance, you can spend an entire day immersed in the sublimely spiritual. The Magical Children's Garden will delight your children, and be sure to stay for the post-sunset dance party hosted by DJ Ohm-G.

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I think so; this is the third time I've used the same company; we've kept costs down by not having anyone bring a suitcase; the companies charge $60 per suitcase, so it adds up; and we still arrange our own transportation from the airport; the rates they ask are double, if not more, to get you to the hotel.
Despite the weather being so fickle, I found Ibiza a lot of fun in October, when the clubs had already closed. When I went, I stayed in Figueretas, which was close to Ibiza town, so we could go into town late at night and walk around because the resort was quiet. I hope to return at the same time next year.
We intend to visit Es Cana for a week on 27 October. We have been to Es Cana five times, but not in October. Does anyone have any information on what the resort is like at this time of year, as well as the weather?

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